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RCA day 35, operating theatre visit.

RCA Day 35.

My research for the Fear and Salvation series continues with a trip to St. Bartholomew Hospital to meet consultant anaesthetist, Dr. Giampaolo Martinelli.


He kindly gave me a tour of the hospital's art history and some of the operating theatres. The voice you can hear is that of Dr. Martinelli describing a procedure. Being in this environment and experiencing the sounds, smells and visuals first hand has given me fresh thought process on the work. We also visited St Barts Church which houses the sculpture of St Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain by @damienhirst .


St Bartholomew was one of Jesus' Apostles, who went to Armenia to preach the Gospel, where he was tortured to death by being skinned alive.


Special thanks to Dr. Martinelli. We a re now planning a second visit

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