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My paintings are a collection of forms put in place to create a sensation based around a subject.

I think of them as musical scores, the instruments of the orchestra are played in such a way as to stir the emotions at the will of the composer. Though above all they are about paint, a peerless medium that allows the viewer to gain a global perception of my inner conscience, and although often macabre, possess a sense of grace.


The baroque is a dominant force behind the work, acknowledging its visual language and ideas of fear and salvation. This, coupled with my adoration of art and medicine dictates my practice. The links between baroque

Influence include Caravaggio, Rubens, Zurbaran, and in a more contemporary context, Francis Bacon,

and David Eddington.


A fascination with human anatomy, art and medicine and the acts that take place in the operating theatre have led my research to St. Bartholomew’s hospital, central London, where I have witnessed and documented multiple surgeries. These experiences now dominate my practice. 

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